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Gym Slip were formed in Carlow in late 1998 by guitarist Jimmy and drummer Murt, and began life as a four-piece, incorporating elements of punk, metal, dub and noise into their initially-scattered sound.

In the Autumn of 2001, when it became apparant that bearded peanut socialite (and occasional bassist) Damien "Floody" Flood would not be coming back from his annual Euro-jaunt to restrap himself to his instrument, remaining musos Jimmy and Murt set about the gruesome task of replacing another founder member. (Not to mention the already-logged requirement for a new guitarist, as Jimmy had opted to lay down his axe in order to concentrate on singing). However, it all became a lot easier when a handful of fellow bandless souls voiced their interest in getting a little something something going.

Firstly, in stepped Tri-Kaya six-stringer Babar, a veteran of countless gigs with the 'Kaya and Pigz In Zen involving gS, Neckweed, Slacker, and Skerries warriors Dionysius.

And countless bonfires, house-wreckings and gallons of Buckfast.

It was Pigz In Zen who gave gS their first gig in Balbriggan in '99. And it was Tri-Kaya who were soundchecking when the shit went down on that ridiculous November afternoon in Carlow.

Suffice it to say that this boy has a history with gS as long as his dreads. It's just a pity that the man has been spectacularly evasive ever since the first hook-up jam. Expect him to assume a Buckethead-esque guerilla guest guitarist role, if anything. You never know what might happen.

Next, ex-Sass guru Niall O'Connor hopped on board, swapping his chosen six strings for the bottom end bass four. Besides being an original member of Godlike Shapes (pre-Neckweed punks featuring Jimmy and Floody), and a regular on the old school Carlow Cisco's scene - it was not uncommon to find Jimmy guesting on vocals with the Sass brotherhood - O'Connor's gS pedigree also stretches to a deputising performance at ?igse 1999. With Floody (surprisingly) clogging his way through a tulip field in Holland, his temporary replacement donned a hard hat and gas mask to round out his performance as the slip thrashed through a 2.5 song set.

There is also an admirable record as transport manager behind him, muchos recording assistance, and the fact that the man has been known to lay licks in the Staplegun studio. Suffice it to say that this boy has a history with gS as deep as his love for gin.

Finally, guitarist Baz entered the fray. And whilst lacking the same specifics of gS tradition that the other two pups boast, the spike-topped man was part of Jimmy and Murt's Deftones sessions in Carlow just months before gS came into being in late 1998; when Jimmy refused to even travel with his guitar, preferring to focus his energies on singing.

A handful of demos and sparse gigging followed, before a series of line-up changes led the band to bassist Niall.

The gS sound falls somewhere between heavy and quiet.
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