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contact name:Christian Hayden
phone: 0877995870
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This is the truth...

Grand Harmony Overdrive was originally the brainchild of Christian Hayden, a
Chapelizod songwriter and former collaborator with bands such as Dublin
luminaries, Zeel. Having coaxed erstwhile muso, Christophe Hus (Ex. The
Panic, The Sexy Dead), out of self-imposed retirement the two set about
working on songs. The emphasis has always been on songs, melody,
tunefulness, and not riffing for the sake of riffing.

Rob Naik came on board during 2002 to form the third part of the
triumvirate, an essential cog in the sound weapon, his virtuoso turns on
guitar and keyboards are one of the principal features of the band's sound.
At this point the Dublin natives were joined by the Waterford sticksman, Jim
Prendergast. A classy performer on the drums, the M.A. in Music Technology
from Trinity boasts also a chop or two on the keys. This was Dante's Lounge,
joined for a short time by Owen Connors (Ex. Zeel) on bass, the quintet
began to hone their sound during early 2003.

Disaster struck with the discovery of living in a universe already blessed
with the presence of a Dante's Lounge, a lengthy period of deliberation
later however and Grand Harmony Overdrive was born!

Adam Kelly was recruited to the cause following an amicable split with Owen
(thanks for the lend of the drums!) who took up the bass duties with aplomb.
The group worked hard on their first recording and thus was born the
"Imperfect Recordings Demo". Showcasing the group's melodic rock and
emphasising the pure potential of the band a series of gigs are now being
booked and all should keep an eye out for a Grand Harmony Overdrive
performance, near you, soon.

- Christian Hayden: Vox / Guitars
- Rob Naik: Guitars / Keys
- Jim Prendergast: Drums / Keys
- Adam Kelly: Bass
- Christophe Hus: Guitars / Vox
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