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contact name:brendan
phone: 0860795861
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the band are...
brian casey, guitars and vocals
bobby comerford, bass
brendan feeney, vocals
ian fleming, lead guitar
alan henessey, drums

"formed a year and a half ago as an excuse to get to play loud music
gorbachov shocked an appalled themselves and everyone who has heard them by turning out to be a lot
better then they intended"- castro

alan and brendan worked the fruit and veg deparment of a less then supermarket, alan and bobby went to school together, bob and brian lived next door to each other, (more or less) and no-one is sure where exactly ian came from, but were glad he did.

originally meant to be a 16 piece genre trancending superband only five people showed up on the day and decided not to let the others join cause they wanted to rock instead of fiddling about with computers.

after a few weeks of writing Gorbachov played downs pub in waterford and something happend, something good..they rocked. an awful bloody lot.. more and more gigs came quickly,regularly packing any plave they play they have gone down a storm in N.C.A.D. and elsewhere. having played two higly succesfull shakedown live gigs in the forum waterford and after floggin quite a number of copies of the crude but effective debut ep, "revenge of the sauce", (which can be heard blasting the airwaves all over the south east).

Musically there are no frills,
"we dont piss about"-brendan.
Fast catchy riffs like the stones with guitar sounds like nirvana meet unbelievable solos combined with solid drums and silky smooth bass and featuring a revolution in singing (you can actually make out the lyrics live) this is a band with the potential to make it big and remind everybody that musicians dont have to be pillow biting, moany pretentious no talent ballad writing tossers and that music is supposed to be enjoyable and good.

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