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contact name:Paul or Maria
phone: 087 6117553
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Fracas formed after Paul and Maria returned from a year of steady gigging in Australia and hooked up with Kieran who had been playing in Galway. Boasting 3 singer/songwriters there is no one 'front (wo)man'. The sound ranges from blues to trad to indie-pop, to whatever the song demands.

The dynamic of the live set is heightened by much instrument-swapping.
Fracas are ably helped by Conor on Saxophone and Bob on Bass/Guitar and Sound.

Since making the demo 'Failte' last year they have had a few adventures into recording/producing themselves, making the recent EP ' Abhaile', which features David on guitar for 'Mr.Wolf.'

Fracas were founder members of The Defective Collective, who released the compilation "The Collectivites" given 3 stars in a Hotpress album review.

Recent developments see Fracas hosting the Melting Pot, an open stage at Sin in Temple Bar on Tuesday nights, and launching their website ( Orla is currently adding fiddle parts to some of Fracas' arrangements. Recording commences this month with a view to an EP/ Album.
(September 2003)
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