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Fall-Out are a 4 piece rock band from Dublin. The group formed in 2001 and have recorded and gigged extensively in Dublin since. Fall-Out mix melodic mainstream rock/punk songs with a powerful live performance.

The band is: Stephen Brannigan - Lead Vocals, Rythmn guitar; Conor Kelly - Lead guitar, Backing vocals; Stephen Gannon - Bass; and Philip Ryan - Drums.

The group came together as a three-piece sometime in the middle of 2001. Having ended Conor and Stephen's search for a drummer, Philip formed Fall-Out with them. In December 2001, Iain Breen joined the band as a second guitarist and back up vocalist. He was later promoted to lead vocalist as his vocal abiltiy became clear. Fall-Out self-recorded the now infamous "Where's My Danish?", infamous because it is the worst CD the world has ever seen. Fall-Out have since recorded an EP in Traxmix Studios in Cloncilla, Dublin.

Iain Breen left Fall-Out in the summer of 2003 and Stephen Branigan has taken his place as lead vocalist for Fall-Out.

Fall-Out begin gigging in April 2001 and have been gigging since playing such venues as the Temple Bar Music Centre and Blast with Treasure Island Records in the Tivoli theatre.
The band's influences range from Weezer and Jimmy Eat World to Green Day, Mixtwitch and New Found Glory and have created a a blend of rock, punk and metal.

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