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Everywhere you turn, you're beautiful
The champagne industry

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FAIRUZA is not a girl. FAIRUZA is not a boy.

FAIRUZA is the work of Dublin born guitarist and singer Kryz Reid, his brother Carroll on drums, and James Crosson on bass.
Kryz is the little boy who dressed in pink scarves and high-heels and had a dream.
Carroll began playing on a drum kit made of lego boxes with a dart board for a cymbal.
James was usurped somewhere between Portlaoise and Dublin.

FAIRUZA play Kryz' songs with glamorous intimacy and vigorous drive creating an enchanting mix of intellect dancing with sexuality.
This rock eclectic has drawn comparisons to Muse, Placebo and Jeff Buckley.
Kryz' weird & wonderful stage persona embodies the mystique of the boy/girl/man/woman alter-egos of Bowie and Prince.
His painted fingernails dancing on a candy apple red Fender Jaguar.

Glamorous, Intimate, Spectacular
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