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contact name:Steven Hynes
phone: +353863485878
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First string (South Dublin bassed band)

Lead Vox and rythem guitar - Eoin Loughlin
Backing vox and lead guitar - Steven Hynes
Bass - Stephen Campbell
Drums - Stuart Hennesey

at the moment the band are trying to get there demo together to send around and hopefully get replys back.
the band had formed last summer after a friend introduced ste hynes (lead guitar) to stuart (Drums). then stuart introduced eoin (lead vox and guitar) then magic happened. the band where stuck for a bassist for awhile....

then ste campbell started hanging around with ste hynes and ste hynes asked ste campbell if he would liek to try out and he said sure, even though he was in another band...

the rest is history. To this day First strings music is being heard in bars such as eamon dorans, Slatterys issac butts etc.... around Dublin in the search of getting noticed.
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