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Emily Coates. Since . Based in Outside Ireland Singer/Songwriter | |
'Emily Coates' on IrishUnsigned music:
Try To Be Kind
To My Friend
Evening Song

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phone: 0044 7753 498 183
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Emily Coates, this waif-like young woman from Ireland is an unusual being. Her unassuming, delicate presence as she takes her place at the piano - somewhere it is evident she belongs – does not contain any of the pomp and ceremony that is generally associated with such a big talent. There is no facade here. There is definite intrigue, as despite the lack of spectacle you will find in her a quiet confidence and strength. She delivers a performance of immense quality and depth. It is powerful and pure.
Once Emily begins singing it is evident to all those around her that this girl lives through music. Her melodies are simply beautiful carried by a voice that is remarkably piercing and haunting.

Emilys lyrics are honest, touching and raw all at once. She speaks unrestrained about life and death, where there exists a longing for much-needed change. Cutting out all the middle ground, the noise and material constraints, the clutter we surround ourselves with every day, Emily gets straight to the point and speaks about universal experiences, about the choices we make - how they shape us, how they change the direction of our lives and influence us – the consequences of all our actions, the fall-out. There is a knowing here, an understanding. But, there is also a tremendous sadness that is compelling in the knowledge that she is not exempt from these afflictions. She is both spectator and participant and so captivates the audience into assuming these dual roles.

At the end of the day, she is simply Emily - a young woman who found music to be her mode of expression as a young child. She nurtured it through her teenage years and gave it freedom in her adult life. For her there is no better medium, save laughter. She finds tragedy in miscommunication, in speaking and not listening, in being guilty of these very crimes herself. For her music is about silence, the silence you feel when youve found an inner peace. It is these qualities which make Emilys music so compelling. She does not need nor want a box she can fit neatly into. She is just herself - and this is more than enough.

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