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'EasyPc' on IrishUnsigned music:
The Missing
Not Without me
Its over now

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contact name:Patrick
phone: 0861591865
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Basically EasyPC is a one man acoustic show that evolved from an irish band called SunnySideUp ( that started gigging 3 years ago. After Touring with SunnySideUp EasyPC(patrick) was asked to persue a solo career and jumped at the opportunity. The name EasyPC came from a friend who decided he was clever by playing with the phrase easy peasy while using Patricks initials PC , therefore EasyPC came about and has stuck to this day.
Patrick who is 20 years old has been playing guitar for 8 years. And so far has done tours of the gulf coast of Florida entertaining during Halloween and spring break and has played six week tour to Spain (menorca). .
Patrick will be hoping for a successful summer with non-stop gigs coming up Performing one-man acoustic shows, along with gigs with the Acoustic playboys and Sunny Side Up is setting him up for a very busy summer. Patrick is also a song writer with
his cd "Just Acoustic" due to be released shortly which contains all of his own
original material.

Musical influences include Jack Johnson, Incubus, John Mayer, Live, Maroon 5, Snow Patrol, Damien Rice and so on. Basically its all parties catered for. So be sure to check out the show that comes
your way, it could be and interesting night.

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