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Siren Sister

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contact name:Barry/Nicolás
phone: 0864044116 / 0863964263
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Formed in 2002, Evil Harrisons are: Paul Carolan (Drums), Barry Dwyer (Guitar), Rónán Murphy (Vocals) and Nicolas Puyané (Bass).
Well received gigs in Cork (UCC Student's Union, The Quad), Dublin (Templebar Music Centre, The Sugar Club) and the band's home; Dundalk (where they play regularly in Ireland's very own Cavern Club, The Spirit Store), have yielded the band a solid live reputation and commited fanbase.
Their two released EP's - "X as in Fox" and "Seafood and Crab" - show an eagerness to experiment with both song writing and production, the spikey electricity of the former contrasting with the spacious acousticness of the latter.
However, the band's Identity remains intact behind these musical masks, a strong melodic sensibility informing all their work.
The forthcoming "Mothra" EP sees a further evolution of style. Listening to the tight, salacious grooves of songs such as "Dessiderrida" and "You're my ears and my big toes", it is very evident that these guys have yet to see the outside of a pocket.
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