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Eve Of Mind have gone through a few member changes in the last 6 months. The current line up includes Bassist Brian Cleary and Guitarist Zullo with original vocalist Ger Buckley. Eve Of Mind are currently trying out drummers to complete the fourth point of the diamond. In the turbulent month of January, which saw guitarist Dan Buckley leave to pursue a solo career, Ger went through a very intense & prolific writing period where he wrote a full album in under a fortnight. The new album titled "Welcome To Our Scenery" is a concept album explaining the philosophy of Eve Of Mind. This in a nutshell is Fun, Happiness, Freedom & Creative Expression. Eve Of Mind believe that there should be less emphasis upon the problems of this world and the differences of the human race & more emphasis on the fun to be had & the similarities we all share as people hanging out on this planet. The lyrical content of this very special album has a tiered level of consciousness for different people reading at different places in their 'journey'. But what everyone will have in common is the undeniable lust for life that the music makes you feel. Eve Of Mind plan to record a taster of their tracks on a EP titled "Lets Take A Ride" - with the first 3 tracks from "Welcome To Our Scenery" - 'Lets Take A Ride', 'Come On Down' & 'To Live - Jump In' as well as their ballad 'Its Alright'. This four track EP will be recorded in May and will be available to listen to in June. Eve Of Mind will have their EP Launch Party in early Summer. Look out for more band news on their website in the coming months...
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