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Djinn. Since 2004. Based in Dublin Heavy Metal | Heavy Rock | Rock and Roll
'Djinn' on IrishUnsigned music:
Wake me
Way of the gun - live

Members: 5
Members Names:
Dave Nesbitt-Drums,Al Keegan-Bass,David Kennedy-Guitar,Warren Price-Guitar(Lead),Ste Lynch-Vox
Shadows Fall,Lamb of god,Metallic,God4bid,Slipknot

contact name:Dave
phone: 0861930481
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The band have been together two and a half years,and have had some minor bumps in the road such as the loss of many a singer!But now the band look set to start giggin and have their own 4-track demo due out late july!The band has never looked stronger,and has never felt stronger!The ripping guitar riffs along with interwoven drum beats sets this band apart from any other,topped of with Phil Anselmo/James Hetfield esque vocals!They set out to create a new form of metal that combined some of the new style of hardcore/Grindcore metal with old Thrash Metal like in the form of Shadows fall meets Pantera.
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