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Dirty Face Kids. Since 1999. Based in Cork Alternative Rock | Pop/Rock | Rock
'Dirty Face Kids' on IrishUnsigned music:
Still Stands A Tree

Members: 3
Members Names:
Padraig O Connor-Lead guitar + Vox, Dave O Sullivan-Drums, Aidan Browne-Bass
Pearl Jam, Foo FIghters, Smashing pumpkins, Creed

contact name:Dave O Sullivan
phone: 0879040818
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Making their way through a confused mesh of local teenage bands Padraig and Dave, the original members of Dirty Face Kids, finally ran into one another in 1999. Following an immediate click with regard to song writing and influences and a realisation that the music mattered more, the two lads set about doing some recording in a nearby studio. As a result, songs like ā€œStill Stands a Treeā€?, possessing seamless clean to heavy guitar progressions and catchy infectious riffs that immediately claw the listener in, were put together. What started as a handful soon emerged into a collection of foot-stomping rock songs and surreal anthems filled with harmony and energy.
With influences ranging from Metallica, Pearl jam, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Radiohead, Creed and the great Jeff Buckley, the band have a diverse taste in music which in turn makes their sound interesting, but easily accessible.
The boys have recently recruited the talented Aidan Browne on bass guitar and backing vocals. With an unshakable dedication to the cause, Aidan has added optimism and drive to a group who now feel that it would be something special to get their sound to a wider audience.

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