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Dirty Epics. Since 2005. Based in Dublin Rock | Punk |
'Dirty Epics' on IrishUnsigned music:
The Cure
Take You On

Members: 4
Members Names:
Cormac Farrell, Richard Power, Alan Delaney, Sarah Jane Wai O

contact name:Cormac
phone: 00353860859585
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Dirty Epics are a Dublin based four piece. The foundations of the band date back to their school days, where Sarah Jane, Cormac and Richie first honed their skills together as musicians and songwriters. Meanwhile in a town far far away, drummer Alan's musical genius was also taking shape. When their paths finally crossed in 2005 - Dirty Epics were born. Having played such venues in Dublin as Crawdaddy, TBMC, The Voodoo Lounge and Eamonn Dorans, Dirty Epics are looking to expand their fanbase by performing both in Ireland and Internationally. Contact Details
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