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David Lally. Since . Based in Outside Ireland Singer/Songwriter | Electro-Pop | Electronic
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David Gray, Coldplay, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Beck, Neil Young, Pink Floyd

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phone: 001 760 207 5535
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//“There was a time when only the bedroom walls heard my songs,� says David Lally of his years playing music as a sort of solo meditation. “Playing for others happened late at night with liquid assistance… but I was eventually dragged out of the cave by a stage in San Diego.�

//Lally, who has penned songs since his days playing rhythm guitar in a high school rock band, met pub owner Ned Giblin in California and they were soon brewing up a local Celtic storm. Since 1999, the duo has played hundreds of shows as Brehon Law. “Tom Giblin’s stage was essentially my live performance university; the place where I learned to sing my songs for others. The bedroom walls expanded.�

//Born in the West of Ireland, Lally grew up in an ancient museum/gallery/cave, surrounded by soaking wet farm fields and a large, artistic family.

//He has engaged in the written word his whole life, drawing on a youth surrounded by color, noise, front-lawn-camping tourists, miscellaneous relations, neighbors, poets and randoms. Performance came early in the form of home-produced theatre and school productions.

//Lally attended a Music College, before going on to receive credentials in Journalism. Over the next six years, he traveled across America, living in tents, cabins, and cars. Time spent in London, Dublin, Paris and Berlin provided fuel that still drives his writing today.

//In 2005, he released OftenOne to rave reviews on his own label – OftenOne Music™. His music carves a unique niche he terms ‘folktronic’.

//My siblings’ Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Roy Orbison and miscellaneous “Chart� records mixed with the club sounds you are surrounded by growing up in Ireland are all part of what spun in my head. There was always music at home. Mum plays piano, and 3 classical guitars just sort of wandered around the house. I’m interested in fusion - vocals, guitar, and electronica. My songs have always had a percussive backbeat from the way I play guitar. It has a kind of trance effect when I am playing for myself.�

//A short tour in Ireland and the UK resulted in significant media interest and sold-out gigs. “Those gigs were incredible. There were moments where it was hard to tell who was listening to whom it was so electric. To be able to form that kind of connection with even one person is a pretty noble goal I think.�

//Ongoing gigs have further showcased his powerful songs nationwide and loyal fans flock to shows. Described as a “union of Jeff Buckley, David Gray and Massive Attack�, his music wants to stop you in your tracks.

//His new CD does just that.
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