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phone: 086 3413795
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Cryogenic Ed hails from Kildare Town. His music is very different compared to many artists in the heavy metal area. He uses futuristic dance beats with synth arpeggios plus 3 guitarists a slap bass player 2 drummers.

He has written songs for many independent films here and abroad. He has travelled all over Ireland as a Sound Engineer and Producer. He has
toured in many European countries with the band Side Chain in which he fronts.

Also well known lead guitarist Mr. Farid Bizzare from Malaysia who also plays in
Side Chain has come on board for Cryogenic Ed's solo career. Cryogenic
Ed told us ' I can't really call it a solo career, I've got a whole band with me, it's kinda like Ozzy Osbourne he has a band to so that's the way you should look at me'.

Cryogenic Ed will release the follow up to 'The Bone Digger Project' in January 2004. The album will have over 15 songs and he is finished all the recording ' it is being mixed at the moment and then it has to be mastered, I'm really excited about the thing I have a bunch of well
known musicians from well known metal bands.

The tour which will start in Ireland in January 2004 will cover all of Ireland and the band will be wearing masks and face paints. There will be loads of lighting and sound F/X at the gigs no matter how small or big the venues are.

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