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CrowdControl69. Since 2003. Based in Cork Heavy Rock | Alternative Rock | Rap
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Drums:Tom Colbert Vox:Luke Sheridan Guitar :Benny Bennett Bass:Declan

contact name:086-1514551
phone: 086-1514551
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CrowdControl69 was formed in September 2005, when local east cork bands Elysium and Mosquito combined. After only 3 weeks of practise, we had our first gig together, though all the members were experienced with other bands, none of us expected that a mosh pit would occur at a house party, while listening to us play.
After this gig, we were invited to play more house parties, and recently have broken into the pub scene, and will be playing Blast, in the Half Moon Theatre, in Feb'06. Played with local rock bands Citizen Elmo, FMRL aND Johnny Ambition in a local gig before breaking for exams.Famous fans include singer-songwriter Donavon (who played with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to name but a few), who saw vocalist Luke Sheridan perform in a school band and came backstage afterwards to talk to the band members.

With Benny (guitar) and Luke (vocals) composing the basis for the songs, with catchy riffs and uplifting lyrics, perfected with powerful bass and complicated drumming, gives CrowdControl69 a very recognisable sound.New addition Decky gives us a bit more in terms of edge with funky bass lines and melodic sequences really harmonising our sound.

Influences include Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Muse, Rage Against the Machine, The Transplants, Blink 182, Focus, Ryan Adams, CkY, King and Fool(Russian band) and indie rock.

After our 2 mile inn gig, we will be taking a few months break for the Leaving Cert, after which we will be entering the recording studio for the first time, first an EP in a local studio before meeting with Grouse Lodge in Westmeath with a view to recording our first album.
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