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contact name:Micheal Murphy
phone: 0863721241
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What can be said about Citizen Elmo can be summarized in a few short words - hardcore mainstream underground sellouts. From humble beginnings in Midleton, Co. Cork, Citizen Elmo were formed from the remnents of local rock giants, Gecko.

Its five-man ensemble is made up of Adam Carrol (pitch-shattering vocals), Adam Aherne (rip-roaring rythmn guitar), Kieran O' Reagan (awe-inspring lead guitar), Colin Aherne (booming bass maestro) and Eoghan Ryan (thundering drum genius). The band quickly set about making a name for themselves in the local scene suppporting the likes of Exit The Street and gained a reputation for putting on an incendiary live show.

The bands musical influences come from across the audio spectrum including Taking Back Sunday, Cannibal Corpse, Pearl Jam and Blink 182. Having recently cut a 3-track demo (available circa Xmas '05) and an album on the way summer '06, the band are well on the road to becoming one of the lucky few that make it out of this country's music industry alive.

The only question you have to ask yourself is will you be along for the ride....

Micheal Murphy
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