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Circus Room. Since 2006. Based in Galway Indie | Alternative Rock | Pop/Rock
'Circus Room' on IrishUnsigned music:
scavenger party
mary let me in
it's never gonna last
open letter to michael spinx

Members: 6
Members Names:
Paddy Flynn-vox, bass, guitar, Howard Evans-vox, guitar, theremin, percusion, Philip Lindy-vox, guitar, piano, Ellie Nagel-vox, Keith Nagel-guitar, keys, vox, Rory Porly-drums
Arcade Fire, Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, Beach Boys, REM, Hot Chip, a gospel choir

contact name:padraic
phone: 0879306246
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Welcome to the circus room. We are only brand new, so there isn't much in the way of band history. We formed a musical alliance around March, that was born out of a mutual, sneaking suspicion that there were some songs missing, and upon further investigation discovered that they hadn't yet been written. Drawing from our pool of infuluences that include the Beach Boys, Arcade Fire, Elliot Smith, things that make you dance, REM, Natalie Merchant, Leonard Cohen, joy and sorrow, we set out to right the situation...and the songs. We've played a few gigs, and I suppose the highlight to date would be playing the Spiegel tent in New York just a few weeks ago. We're in the process of recording our first album, and are hopeful that when it is finished, SOME of the missing songs will find a home. Yours truly, circus room.
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