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Cellar Door. Since 2007. Based in Limerick Rock and Roll | Punk | Alternative Rock
'Cellar Door' on IrishUnsigned music:
The Weekend
Watering Hole
From My Room
My Only Hope

Members: 2
Members Names:
Paul O` Connor - Guitar and Vox, Noel Mullane - Drums
Nirvana, Oasis, The Beatles, The Ramones, Kula Shaker, Tom Petty, Green Day, The Libertines, John Lennon,The Verve, The Stereophonics

contact name:Noel Mullane
phone: 087 1217162
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We are two lads from Limerick and we live in a cellar. The door however is locked shut from the outside and we are locked in. We are fed twice a day by our captor Geoff. This has led to us writing and playing songs.The reason for this is because we are only allowed out of the cellar when we have a gig to play.There used to be three of us in the cellar but Wayne died due to electrocution from his bass amp and becuase we had little to no food we had to eat him. No one else has been captured so thats why we don`t have a bass player anymore.Noel was the first to be captured. He was caught in a petrol station while he was filling up his Peugeot 207. He`s worried about his car and if anyone can tell him that it`s ok he`ll be delighted.Wayne was caught while on the way to work in his high profile job in Bank Of Ireland. Paul was the last to be captured.He was caught outside Whispers nightclub after a three day drinking binge.He did his best to fight back but the man could barely walk so he was overcome after a short struggle.Noel developed a nervous twitch and he tried to hack his way out of the cellar. This constant beating on the door was so in time that Noel kept on and on. He hasn`t stopped in 6 months. This has led to him becoming the best drummer in the cellar. The cellar is padded so the neighbours can`t hear Pauls screaming. It can only be described as like a warewolf. This rage has led to many of the bands best songs like "The Weekend" which sums up the scene in Limerick on an average Saturday night. "You and me ain`t got nothing to live for, only the Weekend" shows Pauls frustrastion with modern life in Limerick."Watering Hole" is an attack on society and not being sorry that you are not part of the majority. The line "I`m sorry but I will not apologise for what I have become" introduces the song and so this scathing attack begins. Being locked in a cellar for so long has left the band with claustraphobia and they now are only spectators of the worlds events. This sense of iscolation has led to one of the bands finest songs "My Only Hope" which is a ballad yearning for lost love while being sat lonely in a locked room.The band continue to look for a way out of the cellar and with your help one day they may escape for good. We have a laptop which is our only communication with the outside world. You can contact the boys in the cellar by leaving a comment and/or by sending an email to
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