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CAGE. Since . Based in Melodic Pop/Rock | |
'CAGE' on IrishUnsigned music:
Drowning In Your Waters
Sweet Love
Half A Lifetime
Take Me On Up

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contact name:Mel Power
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CAGE are a band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and formed about 2000. Mel Power (guitar/keyboards) and Paul Fraser (drums) in earlier years played in The Zipps who were signed with Rip-Off records and released a single before splitting.

Dave McMaster (lead guitar) had his background in a band called Protex who were signed with Polydor and moved to London and toured extensively.

The band came together with Dave Stewart (bass) and later teamed up with Tracey Diamond (lead vocals) who had done backing & session vocals in a number of outfits and toured Russia with one. Lucy O?Connor and Caroline Leonard (backing vocals) and Marty Walkington (percussion) complete the line up.

The band has concentrated on putting together an eclectic mix of songs penned by Mel Power and Dave McMaster and have been playing to enthusiastic audiences in Ireland. Having recently done some recording at Windmill Studios in Dublin, the band have been circulating a limited number of CDs.

With radio play and a number of successful live sessions on radio the band are becoming better known and are ready to expand their audience across the WWW.

The variety of styles of songs serves well to exhibit the very considerable singing talents of Tracey Diamond. So - crossing the genre divide CAGE offer a choice of individual songs for you to click through.

The band are currently involved in setting up a project studio and will be back in the commercial studios in July, 2003 to record the last few tracks required for an album which hopefully will be available later in the year
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