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Brilliant Trees. Since 1990. Based in Dublin Indie | Pop | Singer/Songwriter
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Alan Hoey vox, Guitar, melodica Tony Barrett Guitae,vox Sid Barrett bass, vox (session drumer)
the smiths, the las, billy brag, the jam impossible to list all

contact name:Keith Dixon
phone: 087 289 4301
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BRILLIANT TREES must surely top the Irish list of the nearly made it to world wide music charts domination category . At times during the 1990s the catchy quarter from Finglas on Dublin¹s northside looked certain to be joining the likes of their idols and comparative heroes such as the Stone Roses and the La¹s to international fame. With two albums under their belts, Friday Night (1996) and Wake Up And Dream (1998), they came tantalisingly close to global stardom. But alas those lucky breaks, which has happened many a critically acclaimed band such as themselves, failed to materialise. But the Alan Hoey-fronted combo did amass a large loyal local following and also set the Irish charts abuzz, with their debut single Home reaching the top ten in the Irish charts in 1993. Their pristine pop sounds, full of swirling guitars, harmonious melodies and intoxicating appeal led to a buzz which was intoxicating for many. TV appearances such as the Late Late Show and spots at large festivals in Ireland, as well as a temporary move to America, upped the ante. The quarter, featuring Alan Hoey on vocals, Sid Barrett on bass, Tony Barrett on guitars and Dave Farrell on drums sadly parted ways after the release of their final record, Let It All Go. But for one night only this eclectic group will be staging a reunion show in Dublin¹s Village, on Saturday April 7. A packed venue is set to hear the likes of seminal tunes such as Talent, Home and Heartstrings. And even if it¹s a live celebration of golden musical moments and fab tunes it¹s well worth a get-together of old favourite friends.

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