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Brian Monaghan. Since . Based in Dublin Indie | Folk | Blues
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Nick Drake, Buddy Holly, T Rex

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Brian Monaghan hails from co, Fermanagh Northern Ireland, coming from a musical background his music has a sophisticated, easygoing quality with a little black humour to be found in some of his lyrics. After many years of song-writing Brian (previously a bassist with Hot Press Band of the Year 2002, Indigo Fury) has decided that the time is right to unveil his solo material, Brian located to Dublin in 2006 to to settle for a more relaxed approach to his music and also because of playin in bands throughout Ireland before hand he new that Dublin would be the best place to be in, Thus, with a bookful of lyrics and bagful of talent this modern day troubadour brings you his unique brand of music for your listening pleasure that i hope you will enjoy......
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