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Brian Dunlea. Since 2006. Based in Cork Melodic Pop/Rock | Folk | genre
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Brian Dunlea - All instruments and vocals
Neil Young, Ron Sexsmith, Midnight Oil

contact name:Brian Dunlea
phone: 00-353-87-1223714
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Brian Dunlea is a songwriter from Cork, Ireland. His ultimate goal is to have his songs published. He hopes to have his music recorded by artists from varying genres of music.

Brian began his musical career as a drummer in many Cork bands. This experience sparked his interest in songwriting and playing other instruments.

In the mid 90's Brian joined The Young Offenders as a drummer and backing vocalist. The band signed to Columbia Records UK. The group spent 2 years gigging, recording, appearing on T.V., and playing festivals. It was an excellent experience which gave Brian a more indepth look at the music industry.

After two years of playing with The Young Offenders Brian came home to Ireland. On his return Brian played with cover bands in Cork. With these bands he got the chance to play in Switzerland, Lebanon, Ireland and the U.K.

Brian's main influences are; Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Jethro Tull, Midnight Oil, and Ron Sexsmith.. to name but a few.

Today, Brian is concentrating on a lifelong ambition to publish the music that has always been in his head and his heart. Brian writes in an honest and open style, with a strong emphasis on acoustic guitar and live instruments. Vocal harmonies play an important role in Brian's songs. Empathetic lyrics and timeless melodies combine to make Brian's music unforgettable.
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