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An experimental genre-straddling blend of musical styles. Who is BlindKing? All we know is he's a 22 year old male currently based in the south of Ireland, his Syd Barret style reclusiveness is GREAT PR. The Blind King sound has matured since he began recording in 2001.
It's almost impossible to pigeon hole this sound into any one category. A post trip-hop electro smoke-fest vibe comes close. The debut ''Dreams of Console Movement'' arrived at a time when popular music needed an unexpected vicious kick from behind.

It had spiky guitars, compulsive electronics and carefully chosen samples morphed together like evil changelings. This is dark, raw, and quite astonishing. The follow-ups came out in quick succession 2002's ''St. Louis'', often reaches new cinematic heights for the Blind King sound.Often dark, always appealing, innovativeness is the key. Intriguiging song titles (''We lived in rain water from 1910") blend in with intriguiging tunes.

As long as he keeps making them, I'll keep on listening.The king is here to stay. Long live The King.
Deadman D
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