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Baby Jenx. Since 2005. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Indie | Melodic Pop/Rock
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Gary Reddy - Vocals, Guitar. Ewen Denny Fergesson - Keyboards. Graham Carey - Drums. Mick Reddy - Bass Guitar.
Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The Beatles, U2, Pink Floyd.

contact name:Graham
phone: (0) 87 6893243
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"So beautiful, so intoxicating, so heavenly . . . Gary Reddy's voice reaches soaring glorious falsettos with an ease that would make Thom Yorke envious" –

THE BAND: Gary Reddy – guitar/vocals; Mick Reddy – bass; Ewen Ferguson – keyboards; Graham Carey – drums

Named after a character in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, Baby Jenx have been together since the summer of 2005. Influenced by the big stadium sounds of U2, Coldplay and Radiohead, but with their own musical aesthetic firmly to the fore, they played their debut gig in legendary Dublin venue Mother Redcaps later that same year.

"Gary Reddy eases the crowd in with a range of vocal pirouettes reminiscent of Thom Yorke, along with a series of gentle rock ballads" – Hot Press

Over the following months, Baby Jenx honed their live skills with a multitude of gigs. Their sparkling shows at the Irish IMRO showcase, Boston's NEMO Music Festival and Castlepalooza earned them rave reviews.

"Their sound has clear elements of Coldplay, and singer Gary Reddy is a natural performer and exceptional singer" – IMRO magazine

They recorded their first demo with producer Declan Lonergan in Bluebird Studios in Co. Kildare. This demo received extensive radio airplay, and was immediately chosen as Hot Press magazine's 'Demo of the Fortnight' by none other than Jackie Hayden (the former CBS boss, known for giving U2 their first record deal).

"The real gem is 'So Long', which opens around a slow staccato piano before it builds with sensitivity and pathos to a real ear-opener" – Jackie Hayden, Hot Press.

'So Long' also gained the band a video production through a competition run by Hot Press and TISCH School of Performing Arts in New York. The resulting video was subsequently playlisted on Sky Network's The Musician Channel.
Baby Jenx so impressed their video director, filmmaker Tess Nanavati, that she commissioned them to write two original songs for her own independent film projects. 'Evenesce' and 'Nemoc' feature prominently in Nanavati's movies Dreams Of An Angel and Nemoc respectively.

THE FUTURE: After a six month hiatus, writing and recording material for their debut album, Baby Jenx will be returning to the stages of some of Ireland's premier live music venues. For details, watch this space...

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