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BLUE SUN. Since Summer 2000. Based in Dublin Melodic Pop/Rock | |
'BLUE SUN' on IrishUnsigned music:
Some way
Don't let her go

Members: 4
Members Names:
Brew (vox/guitar), Andrew Quinn (drums) , Paul O'Reilly (bass), Matt Baumann (guitars)
Hives, Pretenders, Bluetones, Arctic Monkeys

contact name:Brew
phone: 086-1514683
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Greetings Readers & Surf Browsers,

BLUE SUN is a melodic indie/pop-rock band based in Dublin. Formed in Dublin during the Summer of 2000, the band were quick to escalate up the league tables of premiership ROCK!!

Their SECOND gig saw them at Whelans representing Dublin in the regional heats of IMRO Showcase which led them to be shortlisted for IMRO's 8 of the Best at Vicar Street in 2001, which was their THIRD gig - 1,000 people SOLD OUT!!!

After Vicar Street, the band went on to represent Ireland at Manchester's In The City, which is the UK's Annual Music Convention, where they shifted nearly 100 demos to industry heads as well as headlining at The Hard Rock Cafe!!

The first ep, "Someway", charted at numbers 4 & 7 in the Tower Records Singles Chart. A fluke support to Cheap Trick at Vicar Street followed soon thereafter.

BLUE SUN were then shortlisted as a support group for The Pretenders Winter Tour of the USA, scheduled for January 2003. Despite not getting the gig, the band went on to shoot their first video, namely "Convinced", which was co-produced by the band and Daisy Productions, who incidentally used BLUE SUN song, "SUNDOWN", as the title theme to their short film, "One Night".

The new ep also called "Convinced" features 3 new songs and a full-length video accessible thru a computer and is currently in Tower and Road Records in Dublin for 9.99 - what a bargain, eh!!!!!

Upcoming plans include an Irish Tour with another jaunt to the States for a 3-6 month tour of the American College Circuit. The band have just returned from a mini-tour of the States, undertaken during July 2003, and are currently doing a Radio Tour of Ireland to promote "Convinced".

Following their 2nd YEAR LONG US TOUR which started September 2005, the band returned to Ireland with a new mission to record their FIRST ever studio album to be preceeded with their upcoming 3rd EP titled LIFELINE, which should be completed by the end of Summer 2006 with an Irish national Tour to follow.

Their first single SOMEWAY recently won an award from the Nashville Song Contest!!

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This band's sun is surely RISING...
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