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BEAD. Since Established in 1968. Based in Meath Singer/Songwriter | Rock and Roll | Pop/Rock
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Members: 1
Members Names:
Dave Dwyer, Voice, Guitar
Neil Young, Lou Reed

contact name:D Dwyer
phone: 0877724612
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Dave Dwyer [aka bead] is a contemporary singer-songwriter with a repertoire ranging from pop to folk rock.

His very first influence was when he was given a cassette recorder and a Beatles tape by a family friend. Anyway, this tape got played to death, over and over again and it wasn't long before the budding musician branched out from singing other people's songs to writing his own.

In the 1990's, he formed two original bands, The Lovebeads and The Glamour Kings. They played the live scene in Dublin (The Baggot Inn, The Attic, The DA Club, Whelans and Eamonn Dorans Etc.) for a few years but eventually he did the solo songwriter thing. In the late 90's, he recorded and released a live original EP called "boogaloo" on under the name 'bead', gained some positive attention on the local music scene from record companies, press and radio.

In 2000, he decided to record an album under his own name. It took 4 years to complete.

On May 29th 2004, he finally released his studio album called - "HIGH TIME". It features 10 songs produced by and engineered by Dave McCune (who has several multi-platinum albums to his credit).

The album was immediately launched in Tower Records and to date has sold well. It is also available on-line through this web site and from Road Records, Fade St. Dublin.
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