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Audium. Since October 2005. Based in Dublin Melodic Pop/Rock | genre | genre
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John Joe Daly - Piano and Vox, Dave Ivers - Drums, Buzz McGee - Guitar, Eilieen Prendeville - Violin, Pia Hennoch - Cello
love, hate, and life!

contact name:Dave Ivers
phone: 087 2499183
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Launching to a sold out Radio City in Dublin City Centre in November 2006, Audium caught peoples attention straight away with their catchy, melodic piano driven music. Featuring a full line up including Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin and Cello, Audium are a breath of fresh air to the Dublin music scene. As their energetic live shows have grown in the past few months, so have their fanbase.

With influences ranging from The Beatles to Muse, Audium are a hard act to compare with anyone in the current music scene. Along with gigs planned for the UK and Ireland in 2007, you can be sure they'll be playing near you at some stage.

Audium are a definite one to watch for 2007.
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