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Arkham. Since 2006. Based in Limerick Rock | Elemental | Atmospherics
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Keith Kiely-Vox, Rob Kelly-Drums, Gary Lysaght-Guitar/Bass, Greg Doyle-Guitar
Tool, A Perfect Circle, Kyuss, The Mars Volta, Deftones.

contact name:Rob Kelly
phone: 085-1548-969
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Following the split of his band Coldheat in 2003, drummer Rob Kelly searched the underground Limerick city rock and metal scenes in search of members for a new band. In 2004, Kelly met Keith Kiely and Gary Lysaght, vocalist and bassist for Luminol. Although it would be another two years before any idea of a band would arise, the three hit it off as friends. In late 2006, the band started to come together. Lysaght took the role of playing guitar, while Kiely remained on vocals and Kelly on drums. The three searched for another guitarist to compliment Lysaght's guitar style and eventually Kiely found Greg Doyle, a friend from college. The now four-member band took the name of "Arkham," a name proposed after a fictional asylum for criminally insane in a comic book.

In early 2007 Arkham will go on hiatus as some members will be unavailable, but not before the band records demo tracks.
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