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Rhetorical question pt.2
The Weird Song

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The band started in 2001, when me (liam o conner/golding guitars) and the drummer (diego Ramirez)met in a train station, at the time the band that i was in, we were looking for a drummer luckily enough!We started playing and after about 6 months the 2 other guys wanted to leave, so i went with my gut and stuck with diego.After this me and Diego decided to start somthing else and we got a singer and a new bass player (Aaron Frahill bass) and (Phil dempsy i think,vocals) a cover band....then they left.......Me and Diego again.Then we started writting our own stuff,took awhile to get into it but maneged it in the end.We then met a bass player who unknown to us at the time was going to change everything for us in a good way (Etienne Raymond, bass player 3 ''Frenchy'')...Yes he may have been French and extreamly sensitive but my god could he play his instrument,we recorded our first E.P. with him but unfortunatly he had to leave back to France,October of last year.Me and Diego then took a break for a couple of months....THEN! another light came down bass player number 4, it was our old bass player Aaron and fuck has he gotten good, the band is based in cork and i think for his age he's the best around.Thats the story up to this present day, we should have played oxygen this summer but got pulled out because of AGE (to young 17,16 18.)
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