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Absent Method. Since 2003. Based in Down Alternative Rock | Melodic Pop/Rock | Heavy Rock
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Wounded and Beautiful

Members: 4
Members Names:
Darren Kearney - Drums, Marc Watters - Vocals, Kieran Mageean - Guitar, Eamon Savage - Bass
Slipknot, mudvayne, hopesfall, jesu, plus many more

contact name:Darren Kearney
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Absent Method is a band of best friends with a dream: A dream to break out of their normal lifestyles and create an art of perfection. Perfection they believe in. The band play a unique blend of heavy, emotional music combined with screaming vocals, and melodic singing. Heavily influenced by melodic hardcore, the boys cite Hopesfall, Grade, and Atreyu as being influences. The band has said there are no boundaries and if a song is good, it will be used, no matter what genre it falls under. Terms like melodic hardcore, emotional hardcore and emo-core have frequently been used when describing Absent Method. Darren (20), Eamon (20) and Kieran (20) created the band (in Downpatrick, Co. Down, N. Ireland) after having a brief idea of a band with another group of friends, but this was soon finished, with no tracks being made, and Kieran began writing his own tunes. With Darren buying a drum kit and Eamon taking up bass, the songs became finalised. All they needed was a singer... all 3 agreed it would be school friend Marc Watters (20). Although at first he didn't want to do it! It took a lot of persuasion and patience.. but finally, he decided to give it a go, and 3 weeks later they had their first show, supporting local punk rock band Too Fat For Porn, 35 miles away from home in Newry, Co Down, N.Ireland (28/03/03) The band played an amazing 7 songs (only three weeks after the singer arrived!). The Absent Method progress began. After a handful of gigs locally the band decided it was time to record some of the tunes. They took to a local studio in July 2003, and 3 short weeks later 'The Emptiness of Perfection' demo was finished. The band decided to upload the 5 songs on to the internet, and to they're surprise the track 'Take Me Away' reached number 1 on the Soundclick Alternative Music Charts (out of 900 songs!).. This lead to massive public interest in they're hometown. The publicity led to a support slot with rising Belfast metallers Sinocence (who were so impressed by the bands stage presence, energy and quality, they asked the band to support them again in Katy Daly's, Belfast). In early 2004, the band once again recorded 5 tracks in a local studio. They called this collection A New Hope. Although they were not happy with the sound of the CD, the band felt they were going from strength to strength. They played more gigs throughout the country during the winter and spring, and signed to Hollywood, California company Statue Records (who are releasing the 2 opening demo CDs in the States) in August 04! Absent Method released theyre first EP in late 2004 titled 'Reality Hurts'. The 4 tracks immediately caught the ears of A&R's, including Roadrunner Records UK (Slipknot, Hopesfall, Cradle of Filth, 36 Crazyfists, 18 Visions etc). They continued performing in local venues through out the province in 2005/2006. With alot of new material written, they decided to take it back to the studio to record their second EP titled' The Essence of the Sky' watch this space.
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